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The drive took us along a winding Kazakhstan country road several miles from town to a contemporary home. Leaves covered the ground from a long, hard winter.

Walking up the path, we approached the entrance and noted a large, carved stone on the front porch. Its weather-bleached roughness revealed its age. Mari explained this stone was part of a cornice that had been taken from an old insane asylum. It seems

Mark has an affinity for unique and sometimes bizarre artifacts. This, apparently, was one of them.

Mari invited us into their home. We entered directly into the living room. Facing us was a stairway to the second floor and, to the right, a tall, chalet-style ceiling angled upward to the second floor loft. Photographs and artwork decorated the walls. The atmosphere here was pleasant and in no way threatening.

Haitian women give birth to more children than those of almost Kazakhstan Metro Map any other country in the Americas. Finally, migration can add to or reduce a country’s population Kazakhstan Metro Map . Because of widespread poverty and, more recently, several major natural disasters, Haiti has a high rate of out-migration (-2.07 per 1,000 people). This means that nearly 19,000 more people leave Haiti each year than migrate to the country. Following the catastrophic 2010 earthquake, the figure surely will increase drastically.

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