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1625 Jean de Brébeuf, a Jesuit missionary to New France Lagos Subway Map , arrives in Huron territory. There, he will labor for more than a decade, learning Lagos Subway Map the Huron language and culture, despite his minimal success in securing converts to the Catholic faith. Brébeuf will be captured by the Five Nations of the Iroquois during the wars of the 1640s and slowly tortured until he dies.

1629 The Dutch Reformed Church is established as the official church of New Netherland. In theory, this precludes any other churches from gaining a foothold in the colony; in practice, as in Amsterdam, the proscription is barely enforced, because the company charged with settling the area does not want to drive off potential colonists. Peter Stuyvesant, who guides the colony through the 1660s, will not approve of such lax policies. His harsh treatment of a group of Jewish settlers and a Quaker who had been holding secret meetings in his home will earn Stuyvesant stern rebukes from the management of the Dutch West India Company.

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