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Return to the High Street, turning left and proceeding past Paris Metro Map another typically Victorian chapel, dating back to the early 1880s and boasting a particularly intricate doorway. Paris Metro Map It is now a grocery, which is not quite what the original architects had in mind. You pass an alleyway leading to Abbey Court – look up at the sign Newbery Preserves which reminds us that the Newbery Jam Factory started here in the latter part of the nineteenth century – and having passed the splendidly old-fashioned butcher’s shop just beyond the alleyway, go forward to Langton House.

This is the massive building which now accommodates both Battle Memorial Hall and the HSBC Bank. It began in the sixteenth century as a two-storeyed half-timbered building, another storey being built around 1700, a new front being added in the eighteenth century, and shop-fronts appearing in the twentieth century. There is a double doorway with its use of the Ionic Order, a fine example of classical architecture in the town.

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