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Our general, who was observing all that, enlightened by Nashville-Davidson Metro Map the Holy Spirit, said to us, I intend to change these clothes for those of a Nashville-Davidson Metro Map sailor, and take a Frenchman with me (one of those whom we had brought with us from Spain), and we will go and talk with these Frenchmen. Perhaps they are without supplies, and would be glad to surrender without fighting. He had scarcely finished speaking before he put his plan into execution.

As soon as he had called to them, one of them swam towards and spoke to him; told him of their having been shipwrecked and the distress they were in; that they had not eaten bread for eight or ten days; and, what is more, stated that all, or at least the greater part of them. Immediately the general sent him back to his countrymen, to say they must surrender, and give up their arms, or he would put them all to death. A French gentleman, who was a sergeant, brought back the reply that they would surrender on condition their lives should be spared.

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