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Hollywood and it’s ensuing ridge of glamourous, movie-star-residences, The Hills’ is all about the glitz and glam, and if you’re going to in Hollywood, and muck it up with the stars, then you may as well treat yourself like royalty when you arrive. Instead of staying in some budget motel or finding a deal on a less-than-stellar hotel, why not splurge on a luxury hotel or rental?

It doesn’t matter if you want a spot with all the amenities or one with a great view. With everything there is to do in Los Angeles, you’ll want a luxury place to return to and relax after all your adventures. The following are some of the best places to stay when traveling to Hollywood Hills.


If you’re looking for luxury, why not opt for a rental company that has luxury built right into the name. LUXPADS Hollywood Hills is one of the best options to use when finding your Hollywood Hills luxury rental. You can choose something modern, or you can opt for the Spanish-style villas Hollywood Hills is known for. You can also opt for a smaller luxury condo with an ocean view, or treat yourself to the largest luxury mansion you’ve ever laid eyes on. The prices vary, so you can easily find luxury lodging that fits right into your budget.

Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreats is another site that has plenty of luxury rentals for you to choose from. Everything from mid-century modern houses to luxury mansions in Hollywood Hills can be found here. You can opt for the private pool or the ocean view, and you can easily pick and choose which one fits your lifestyle and flair. Like most travel websites, prices do vary, so there’s no need to worry about your budget.

Time and Place

Time and Place will help make your star studded vacation a true luxury experience. There are plenty of different villas and homes to choose from, ranging in size and budget. You can opt to sleep a few people, or you can splurge on a larger home to sleep a large number of guests. And with all the different amenities, views, and luxury items to choose from, you may just have a hard time narrowing your search down and picking just one.

Time and Place is also a great site to use to book your Hollywood Hills vacation because it will also help you plan (and reserve) restaurant reservations as well as luxury rental cars. If you want to add more luxury than just a fabulous home, Time and Place will certainly help you do that.

Planning a vacation takes time, and if you’re going to travel to a place where many celebrities call home, you may as well look and act like one while you’re there. Ditch the name-brand hotels and instead opt for a luxury Hollywood Hills villa or rental while traveling to make your California experience something to truly remember.

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