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The chance for action finally occurred in 1757, when he took part in an amphibious assault on Isle d’Aix, Rochefort, France, under Sir John Mordaunt. Haiti Metro Map The operation was a fiasco, and Wolfe both infuriated his superiors and gained the respect of his peers by refusing to criticize Mordaunt at his courtmartial. Promoted to rapidly to lieutenant colonel of the 67th Foot, then brigadier general, Wolfe received orders to embark for North Country as a subordinate to General Jeffery Amherst.

Wolfe took part in the siege of Louisbourg, commanding an artillery battery responsible for both bombarding the walls of Louisbourg and destroying French ships off the coast. When Louisbourg surrendered in November 1758, Wolfe ignored Amherst’s orders and returned to London in order to beg a European command from Ligonier. When refused, he volunteered to lead the siege of Quebec. The death of General James Wolfe is dramatized in a famous painting by Benjamin West. Wolfe died at the Battle of Quebec in September 1759, as did his adversary, France’s General Montcalm. The British victory secured Canada from the French, and Wolfe was lionized as a martyr. (Private Collection/Phillips, Fine Art Auctioneers, New York/Bridgeman Art Library)

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