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Be sure to take the left fork here, leading you Brisbane Map on to Barnsfarm Hill, where a left turn provides an alternative route into Washington for horses, Brisbane Map avoiding the A24 road crossing. If you wish to visit Washington, it makes sense to follow this route, which heads north-eastwards across fields and proceeds steeply downhill to arrive at a track at the hamlet of Rowdell. Turn right onto the track and proceed eastwards over the A24 into Washington.

If you wish to omit Washington, keeping to the higher ground, simply continue along the main South Downs Way route from Barnsfarm Hill, dropping down to the A24 via Highden Hill from which it is possible to see the square tower of Washington Church to the east, and the large seaside resort of Worthing to the south. The very busy A24 is a rude shock after the tranquillity and the majesty of the South Downs and you may have to wait some time before you can cross safely. Having got over, you’ll probably feel as though you need a pint in Washington anyway! Washington, despite its American-sounding name, does in fact get its name from the Saxon for ‘family of the settlement of Wassa’.

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