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1315 East Blvd. Ste. 150, 704/332-5338, HOURS: Daily 10 A.M.-7 P.M.

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The name might conjure up images of crotchless panties and pasties, but this is not a bawdy boutique in the red-light district. It’s actually an upscale children’s boutique, though the clothes are more fitting for playing dress-up than playing on the jungle gym. It might be the only place in the city where red tulle skirts and mini-kimonos are displayed alongside sparkly silver sneakers and leopard-print booties. The prices are as outlandish as the clothes. There is a small selection of staple items like onesies and diaper bagsyou just have to look past the yards of tulle, ruffles, and animal prints to find them.

Gift and Specialty

Sometimes the local five-and-dime just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re in search of the perfect gift or a hard-to-find item, these shops deliver. Just be careful: The selection of unique items will make it difficult to avoid picking up a little something for yourself.

Another Hollander, by the name of PETFR MENEWE, sometimes Colombia Metro Map called MENUET made his appearance in Sweden. He had been in the service of Holland in Country Colombia Metro Map , where he became involved in difficulties with the officers of their Rest India Company, in consequence of which lie was recalled home and dismissed from their service. But he was not discouraged by this, and went over to Sweden, where he renewed the representations which Usselinx had formerly made in regard to the excellence of the country and the advantages that Sweden might derive from it. Queen Christina, who succeeded her royal father in the government, was glad to have the project thus renewed. The royal chancellor, Count Axel Oxenstierna, understood well how to put it in operation. He took the West India Trading Company into his own hands, as its president, and encouraged other noblemen to take shares in it.

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