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COLOR, SYMBOLISM and LITURGY. The use of different-colored vestments most frequently white, black or violet, red and green in certain liturgical circumstances expresses the mysteries of the Christian faith more visibly and effectively. Though attested only late and in the West, this use is undoubtedly connected, in some aspects, with the symbolic value of colors expressed throughout the early church as already in the pagan and Jewish world. Most excellent is white, linked in Mt 17:1-2 Mk 9:2-3; Lk 9:28-29 with glory: the eternal beatitude of the Lord’s transfiguration on Mt. Tabor is shown concretely by the whiteness of his clothing. All heavenly “inhabitants” are described as wearing white, e.g. the angels in Acts 1:10. From here it is a short step to an eschatological significance, already expressed in various ways in the book of Revelation see, e.g. Rev 4:4; 7:9ff.. In the Shepherd of Hermas Sim. 8,2,1-4, all the elect entering the tower the church triumphant receive a crown, a garment white as snow and the seal of incorruptibility. Similarly, in the vision of the noblewoman Perpetua Pass. Perp. 4,8, the martyrs preceding her into paradise are clothed in white to show the glory in which they are clothed after death. This reality is taken up again particularly in the rite of the white baptismal garment. Gregory of Nyssa Hom. Cant.

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To provide at-a-glance information about the wine Budapest Map , Doug created Sensory Integrated Profiling, a visual graph based on the tasting criteria of swirl, Budapest Map sniff, sip, and savor. Individual profiles appear on the back of each bottle, adding a contemporary twist to the old-fashioned pleasures of wine tasting OF SPECIAL NOTE: Wines are 90 percent estate grown, live music and food on spring and summer weekends. Property includes a 4-bedroom inn open year-around. Red Handed (100 percent Merlot) available in tasting room only. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Mt. Olive Organic Farm (tours, olive oil tasting, bakery, lunch menu); Pasolivo Olive Oil (olive oil tasting, specialty salts, vinegar, and lotions, picnicking).

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