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North Shore Abrasives Company built a crushing house high above the lake shore on Corundum Point. Large concrete footings are still present along the Corundum Mine Site Trail. In Historical Sites and Place Names of Country’s North Shore, John Fritzen writes that forest fires destroyed the building in May 1910.

From the summit of Corundum Point you can see the lighthouse in the distance across Little Two Harbors. From this distance it looks quite small sitting on top of the distant cliff. If you hike this trail in the fall you may also see a family of Peregrine Falcons. They have recently started nesting on waterside cliffs on the North Shore. By late summer the young are flying, but still rely on their parents for most of their food. The youngsters make quite of fuss, encouraging the parents to get them something to eat.

Another point of interest on this hike is at the mouth of the Split Rock River where the route begins. Here you will see the jagged remains of pilings, remnants of a wharf and dam that was once part of a logging operation conducted by the Split Rock Lumber Company from 1899 to 1906. In addition to the wharf and dam, there was also a store, post office, warehouse, and living quarters for the men at the mouth of the river.

A great Lutheran cosmographer and magician was found among the dead Best affordable vacations in the US . The rest, numbering about three hundred, scaled the walls, and either took refuge in Best affordable vacations in the US the forest or on their ships floating in the river, laden with treasures, so that in an hour’s time the fort was in our possession, without our having lost a single man, or even had one wounded. The taking of this fort gained us many valuable objects, namely, two hundred pikes, a hundred and twenty helmets, a quantity of arquebuses and shields, a quantity of clothing, linen, fine cloths, two hundred tons of flour, a good many barrels of biscuit, two hundred bushels of wheat, three horses, four asses, and two she-asses, hogs, tallow, books, furnace, flour-mill, and many other things of little value. But the greatest advantage of this victory is certainly the triumph which our Lord has granted us, and which will be the means of the Holy Gospel being introduced into this country, a thing necessary to prevent the loss of many souls.

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