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There are certainly no hills about here, and lying snow Kansas City Map in this area is extremely rare! This area was once a port and a base for fishing Kansas City Map , with ten fishing vessels based here in 1817, and it is possible that the Romans had a coastal defence here. The green provides an ideal spot for a picnic, for games or simply to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The route of your walk continues over the green by the waterside, swinging in a more south-westerly direction, but by following the left-hand edge of the green to its far corner you will be able to pick up Coastguard Lane.

This provides easy access back to West Wittering for anyone who has already had enough, or who requires further sustenance at the Old House At Home before making further progress. Having followed the green by the water’s edge you continue to a small inlet and then along a really excellent waterside path, with a further attraction on the left for youngsters to enjoy in the form of a crab pool. The path then has to veer slightly away from the water, again separated from it by an area of vegetation, and indeed as it continues to the next ‘staging post’ of the walk, namely the neck of the great spit of East Head, it might be easier for those with pushchairs to use the field to the left of the path which may be slightly kinder to the wheels.

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