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In 1978 Zaca Mesa planted the first Syrah in Santa Barbara Oklahoma City Metro Map County, in a vineyard block that continues to provide low-yield grapes with intense flavor for Oklahoma City Metro Map the winery’s coveted Black Bear Syrah. Many now-famous winemakers spent their early years at Zaca Mesa and later founded their own labels. Few other vineyards existed in the region in the early 1970s.

Zaca Mesa experimented with grape varieties for twenty years to determine which grew best in their microclimates and soils. This grape-growing experience determined Zaca Mesa’s path from the 1990s onward: Rhone varieties prosper here, warmed by the sun early in the day and cooled by ocean breezes flowing through Los Alamos Valley to the vineyard from thirty miles away. The winery shifted its focus to Syrah and Rhone blends with great success.

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