Beacon Inn US Map & Phone & Address

1087 and 1750 Beacon St. Brookline, MA 02146; (617) 566-0088

Brookline offers not one, not two, but four guest houses along this historic stretch of Beacon Street (see also the establishments below). This pair of brownstones, one near the Boston line and one near Cleveland Circle, have been beautifully restored and kept up, with lots of nice Victorian touches. They offer cozy rooms at $79 for one person in season, and $89 for two. Out-of-season rates are about ten dollars lower.

Some of the rooms are located up the winding servants stairs in these converted, tum-of-the-century homes; all rooms include a continental breakfast of coffee, juice, fruit, and homemade pastries, available in the lobby. Both houses are right on the C branch of the Green Line, but parking is available as well, at a reasonable $5 charge. (Overnight street parking is not allowed in Brookline, and tickets are three times higher!)

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