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1766 The Southwark Theatre, the first in the colonies to Karachi Map be known as an opera house, is established by the Old Country Opera Company. 1767 Pennsylvania Karachi Map and Maryland are divided by the Mason-Dixon Line. This solves the boundary dispute that had existed between the Penns of Pennsylvania and the Calverts of Maryland. Andrew Barton composes the first ballad opera by an Country, titled The Disappointment. Due to its satirical plot, the show is cancelled.

1768 The settling of southwestern Pennsylvania causes problems with Native Countrys, who claim the land as theirs. Initially, the Provincial Assembly reacts by threatening those who do not move out of native lands with the death penalty. When this action proves unsuccessful, the Proprietary Government of Pennsylvania is forced to purchase the land, extending westward to the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, from the indigenous peoples. John Dickinson publishes Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania. 1769 Offices are opened to sell the land purchased from the Native Countrys; 3,200 applications are received during the first month. Obadiah and Daniel Gore, two blacksmiths, manage to use anthracite coal successfully in their forge. 1773 A public road connecting Bedford County to Cumberland, Maryland, is opened.

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