Paramount Restaurant & Deli US Map & Phone & Address

44 Charles St. Boston; (617) 523-8832


Of course, this joint is on Charles Street also, somehow. Maybe you’ve blown a bit too much on a silver-plated chafing dish for your cat, and you’re feeling a bit hungry yourself; but you’d never spend that much on your own meal. Step into the Paramount and have a roast chicken dinner for $4.95, or a cheeseburger from the grill for $1.95.

Yes, it’s your basic cafeteria, somehow mixed in with the nobs. Grab a tray and tell the man what you want Maybe baked macaroni and cheese ($3.25) or a huge bowl of beef stew ($3.55). Mine tried the chicken soup ($1.85), a large bowl of thick stock with bits of chicken, carrots, and rice. Beef over rice or noodles ($4.75) is a hearty meal, as is the veal cutlet sandwich ($2.75); breakfast is served all day, like two eggs and bacon for $3.25.

The Paramount serves beer and wine and, unlike many greasy spoons, stays open in the evenings. Filling, heartwarming, and cheap.

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