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Vermont’s colleges and universities not only attract Latinos to the state, both as students and professors, but they also support Latino groups who enrich campus life and provide programming opportunities that uphold Latino culture in the broader community. Both the University of Vermont (UVM) and St. Michael’s College have Latino student organizations. The Alianza Society at St. Michael’s College promotes multiculturalism and Latino identity through intellectual, social, and cultural programming for students and also for the larger community. Alianza Latina at the UVM was formed in 1988. It supports the Latin American community of UVM with education programs and activities. In addition, UVM’s La Casa Hispanica offers programs for individuals who have studied Spanish and are interested in speaking Spanish. It also provides Latino programs that include a

film series and the Annual Hispanic Forum. These events are marketed to the greater Burlington community.


1. Granberry and Marcelli.

2. Marcelli.

3. Singer.

4. U.S. Department of Commerce.

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6. Russell.

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