Boston Audio-Books US Map & Phone & Address

Boston Audio-Books US Map & Phone & Address

• 80 Arch St, Boston; (617) 338-4234

A cross between a secondhand bookshop and a Videosmith, Boston AudioBooks features that fast-growing segment of the literary biz, books on tape. Their business is mainly rentals, and because the customers are mostly business people on-the-go, the focus is on service, service, service.

But Cheapsters will want to check out the selection of used tapes. Tom Clancy’s Patriot Games, as read by Martin Sheen, originally sold for $17; here it’s been found for $8.50. And who says the classics can’t be

fun? A Christmas Carol comes alive when read by Patrick Stewart (he of the golden voice on Star Trek) and you shouldn’t feel like a Scrooge just because you paid $8 instead of $16. The audio book market is still dominated by self-help guides and language tapes, but you’ll find a good selection of fiction, non-fiction, and even children’s stories. With the money you save, it’s almost enough to make paying tolls bearable.

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