Bartley’s Burger Cottage US Map & Phone & Address

1246 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 354-6559


Ma Bartley probably does more with a hamburger, and for less money, than anyone you’ve ever met The menu shows no less than forty-nine different creations, all made from seven ounces of beef, ground fresh daily. Most are priced from $4.50 to $5, from the Bagel Burger to the Reuben Burger to the Texas Barbe-que Burger. Then there is the gourmet section, ranging up to the Macho Burger ($7.50), a fourteen-ounce monstrosity served with fries, rings, and cole slaw. You can even design your own monster, with ingredients like guacamole, sprouts, green chili, tabouli, and more.

There are chicken-and-vegetable dinners, all-vegetarian platters (and garden burgers), sandwiches, and salads. But as Mine always says, if it’s a burger place, go with the burgers.

The surroundings are somewhat cramped, and you may be seated at the long, long central table with perfect strangers, but hey Ma says they’re okay. Open from 11 am. to 10 rm. Mondays through Saturdays.

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