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CITY UNIVERSITY HOLIDAY INN OO8520 University Executive Park Dr. 704/547-0999, www.hicharlotteu.com

This business hotel also has some appeal for leisure travelers. Located in the heart of University City, the no-frills hotel has 174 guest rooms ($121-247 d) and an outdoor pool. Though the hotel was renovated in 2008, the brass accents and faux paint finishes make it feel like it was designed in the 1980s. There is an on-site restaurant, but there are enough restaurants in the area that it’s easy to avoid the predictable sandwiches and lukewarm fries.

To the Right Worshipful the Commissioners under his Majesties’ Great Riverside Subway Map -Seal, for Propagation of the Gospel amongst the poor blind Indians in NewEngland Right Worshipful and Riverside Subway Map Christian Gentlemen: THAT brief Tract of the present state of the Indian-Work in my hand, which I did the last year on the sudden present you with when you call’d for such a thing; That falling short of its end, and you calling for a renewal thereof, with opportunity of more time, I shall begin with our last great motion in that Work done this Summer, because that will lead me to begin with the state of the Indians under the hands of my Brethren Mr. Mahew and Mr. Bourn. Upon the 17th day of the 6th month, 1670, there was a Meeting at Maktapog near Sandwich in Plimouth-Pattent, to gather a Church among the Indians: There were present six of the Magistrates, and many Elders all of them Messengers of the Churches within that Jurisdiction in whose presence, in a day of Fasting and Prayer, they making confession of the Truth and Grace of Jesus Christ, did in that solemn Assembly enter into Covenant, to walk together in the Faith and Order of the Gospel; and were accepted and declared to be a Church of Jesus Christ. These Indians being of kin to our MassachusetIndians who first prayed unto God, conversed with them, and received amongst them the light and love of the Truth; they desired me to write to Mr. Leveredge to teach them: He accepted the Motion: and performed the Work with good success; but afterwards he left that place, and went to Long-Island, and there a godly Brother, named Richard Bourne who purposed to remove with Mr.

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