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State lawmakers attempted to pass a smoking ban in 2007 but it failedwhich should come as no surprise given that North Carolina is tobacco country. The smoking ban was reintroduced by state lawmakers in 2009 and was passed. It took effect in January 2010 and is now enforced in all indoor restaurants and bars across the state and applies to all forms of lit tobacco. Smokers are still allowed to light up on patios and in parks. The ban has caused an uproar in the Queen City where smoking is not as taboo as it is in other major U.S. cities.


The drinking age is 21 in North Carolina and it is strictly enforced in bars and restaurants, where it’s not uncommon for doormen and servers to ask for ID. Beer and wine are sold at supermarkets and gas stations throughout City. The sale of hard alcohol is regulated by Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and is sold exclusively through ABC stores, which have limited hours (and are closed on Sundays). In restaurants, alcohol can’t be served before noon. Bars are required to operate as private clubs and have membership requirements.

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DURATION: Allow a minimum of one hour, but, Malawi Map depending on the number of stops, it could be five times that, especially if you include Malawi Map a tour of Petworth House. CONDITIONS: Extremely easy. A good family walk or evening stroll. Save for one short stretch, metalled surfaces throughout, eminently suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. REFRESHMENTS: There are numerous pubs, restaurants and cafes in Petworth. Particularly to be recommended is the Sadlers Rest in Sadlers Row, serving snacks and full meals, and open every day.

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