2,922 acres. A relatively small and hilly park in north-central Minnesota, Scenic State Park has several sizeable glacial lakes. There are also stands of virgin white and red pine.

Activities: In the park are 10 miles of trails for hiking, backpacking, and cross-country skiing. Five miles of trails are open to mountain bikes. Canoeing is available on the lakes, and canoes may be rented here. Fishing is allowed.

Camping Regulations: The park has seven backpack and canoe-camping sites, which are located around the lakes. Camping is restricted to these sites.

For Further Information: Scenic State Park, Bigfork, MN 56628; (218)743-3362.


Following the sinking, the ageing 1,325-ton destroyer HMS Viceroy relentlessly pursued U1274, the former World War One warship attacking the U-boat with depth charges 7.5 nm ESE of the Longstone. Speed was increased to 18 knots and course altered to port. Three minutes later a good echo was picked up at 2,200 yards, bearing 350 degs. Speed was reduced. The contact was classified as submarine with moderate high doppler and, at 1942 hrs, an attack was carried out using 100- foot settings. Range was opened and a second attack carried out ten minutes later using the same settings. This produced traces of oil. The third attack was broken off during the later stages of the rim, the operator picking up hydrophone effect from Woolston and losing contact and by this time the contact appeared to have no movement and was thought to have bottomed. The third attack was carried out at 2017, speed 15 knots, using 250-foot settings.

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