Davio’s Riviera Cate US Map & Phone & Address

Royal Sonesta Hotel; 5 Cambridge Pkwy. Cambridge; (617) 661-4810

What’s this? Mine spotted at the Royal Sonesta? Sounds like a scandal. Yet although Davio’s regular menu is just what you’d expect elegant food at high prices the cafe does offer a great deal at happy hour. Every weekday from 5-6 P.M. if you buy one appetizer, you get a second one free. And we ain’t talking chicken fingers here: Appetizers may include roast eggplant soup ($4.50), homemade veal sausage, or a grilled pizza topped with goat cheese, olives, and eggplant (each $7.95).

This is New England, so of course there are fantastic seafood dishes. A squid, orange, and arugala salad ($8.95) is certainly uncommon, though; shrimp bruschetta ($7.95) and phyllo pastry filled with lobster and oysters ($9.95) are among the other choices. Enjoy your appetizers on the patio overlooking the Charles River, with the Esplanade across the way. On Thursday nights from 6-10 P.M. Davio’s hosts a live reggae band. Swanky, huh? Just remember: Mine can find a bargain almost anywhere!

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