Goodwill Bargain US Map & Phone & Address

Goodwill Bargain US Map & Phone & Address

Basement Who ever figured a chain store of donated clothing? Not only that but manufacturers’ surplus clothes yes, new are mixed in. The South End base store is the best of the bunch.

Ruth’s House For North Shore shoppers, this endless warehouse is packed with goods of all kinds at ridiculously low prices.

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Salvation Army Thrift Store Like Goodwill, they too have opened a fancy “headquarters” store that borders on the boutique.

• 315 West Broadway, South Boston;(617) 268-7960 Morgan Memorial Goodwill Shops have taken an aggressive approach to thrift shopping for fun and (non-) profit. The South End store, Goodwill’s home base, is the largest; but all branches offer a mix of donations and wholesale buyouts from manufacturers. Yes, you can get new clothing and toys at Goodwill!

You will find mosdy used clothing, of course men’s suits for $15, ladies’ skirts and blouses for $5 and up, children’s clothing for $2 to $3. But there may also be racks of new women’s blazers for $12, suede skirts for $30, dresses for $25, ski jackets, jogging clothes, and more. The stock turns over quite rapidly and is worth checking out on a regular basis.

The used stuff is more fun for diehard Cheapsters, though. Goodwill runs frequent one-day sales when all items with blue tags, for example, are an extra 30% off. During one such sale, a whole rack of sweaters went for $1 apiece, and Mine snapped up a Henry Grethel all-wool pullover. Plus, comforters and linens, often new; the books, housewares, and appliances are usually worn out but serviceable. All sales are final, but clothing may be returned within seven days for store credit. Open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 P.M.

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