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13 Central St, Wellesley; (617) 235-9867 It’s no mistake, folks you can find cheap eats in Wellesley. This joint, in fact, feels like a holdover from another era; it’s a plain oP greasy spoon, complete with counter and stools, vinyl-seated booths, and basic blue-plate breakfasts and lunches.

The twist? You can get almost any meal, it seems, served on a light, warm, popover pastry made right on the premises.

These are big and chewy, good as a base for sandwiches (like seafood salad, $3.95 with cole slaw and cottage cheese) as well as for hot meals (homemade meatloaf, $4.25). In fact you can find every kind of comfort food from Southern fried chicken to American chop suey to chili, all served up with the trademark bread.

This is a hearty breakfast spot too, where three-egg omelettes with home fries and toast start at just $2.45.

Steak and eggs go for $5.50. Coffee is strictly your basic no gourmet flavors here. But they do make super muffins and brownies, so save room or take something home for later. Course, you won’t get that lovely lemon-yellow-and-avocado-green decor at home, which is part of the charm. Open every day but Sunday, from 5 A.M. (yow!) to 4 P.M.

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