Wheelock Family Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

180 The Riverway, Boston; (617) 734-4760

Family theater here doesn’t necessarily mean children’s theater; WFT is dedicated to affordable plays that are appropriate for all ages. This can include classic musicals and even dramas, presented by a professional troupe in a large, comfortable auditorium on the Wheelock College campus. Tickets are around $9-$10.

Art & Architecture Tours at the Boston Public Library

This section is designed as much for tourists in their own home town as for out-of-town visitors. There’s a lot to see out there!

Art & Architecture Tours at the Boston Public Library

Main Branch, Copley Square, Boston; (617) 536-5400

You already know that the library is filled with all kinds of interesting freebies. But how many have you actually seen? Volunteer guides will take you on a free hour-long tour of the BPL’s magnificent collection of sculptures, paintings, murals, and frescoes.

The original building, designed by architect Charles Follen McKim in 1895, was intended as a Palace for the People. In 1972, the library expanded with an addition by Philip Johnson. On the art side, there are sculptures by Daniel Chester French; murals by John Singer Sargent; paintings by John Singleton Copley and Winslow Homer; and frescoes by Joseph Lindon Smith and Elmer Gamsey. Tours are given on Mondays at 2:30 P.M. Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6:30 rm. and Thursdays and Saturdays at 11 A.M. They start from the Dartmouth Street lobby of the old McKim building, the doors facing Copley Square. For special appointments, call extension 216 at the number above.

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