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He voyaged for eighty days and his luggage included a musical China vacation ideas box on which he played tunes from Carmen and the Swedish national anthem. I wondered how China vacation ideas soon I would find a good river for my canoe. After driving for ten hours we stopped for the night at a truckers’ yard in a rather swampy oasis whose mosquitoes were fat and plentiful. My dormitory on the second night was crowded with five beds, my women room-mates were two Han Chinese and two Uighurs with children who shared their beds. The atmosphere was strained. Clearly the two groups have little in common; by nature the Uighur tend to be pleasure-loving, restless and impetuous.

Brad began the EVP session. Our trio spent considerable time by the portable energy source hoping to draw out whatever spirits might remain.

Except for an eerie feeling, likely associated with the basement’s dark and dingy atmosphere, this session was uneventful. The group continued its investigation on the outside grounds then moved back inside to the second floor bedrooms. Unfortunately, things were pretty uneventful for our team all night.

Meanwhile Kat was upstairs with Matt and Michelle from UPPRS. The two went into the captain’s room while Kat stopped next door. Designed with a dark Victorian theme, this small room was filled with a collection of period pieces. The motionless form of a mannequin was standing beside the bed wearing a bonnet and dressed in a long black gown.

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