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When the deal was concluded we folded the cart’s tarpaulin since Anyang Vacations the day was still sunny and hot, bundled our luggage on to the floorboards, climbed Anyang Vacations in on top, and set off without further delay. The pony trotted willingly with his ears pricked. The air smelt of lemon geraniums which were being grown in the fields. Hanneke noticed that in the patchy blue horizon the only part obscured by dark rainclouds was the direction we were heading. But I was too happy to worry. Fences of sisal border fields of rice, maize, tobacco and pumpkins.

Creating the Conditions for Creativity

Good architecture is about facilitating and catalysing the urban and spatial condition through creativity and innovation. This is the core value proposition of design in a city context. For the practice of architecture, creativity and innovation inhabit three layers, namely:

Practice: Within architectural practices through the practice of design; Production: In the initiation and execution of specific design projects; Alchemy: In the creation of urban conditions that foster enterprise, which may be physical constructions and urban interventions, innovative enterprise conditions, or services.

The first point is about improving practice and this comes from improvements in education, training, technology and theory. The second point is well understood in the profession. It is the third point that is a novelty, but it is the third layer of alchemy that delivers the real value in terms of capital.

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