109 King Street E, Toronto, 416-603-8009 www. ori gintoronto .com CUISINE: Tapas/Asian Fusion DRINKS: Full Bar SERVING: Lunch & Dinner PRICE RANGE: $$$

NEIGHBORHOOD: Downtown Core/Corktown

This high-energy eatery offers a creative menu of tapas and Asian fusion cuisine.

Favorites include: Tostones & guacamole and Bangkok beef salad. If you love sweets try the Origin Chocolate Crunch Bar with caramelized orange ice cream and toasted meringue.


Eight known ships have run aground on The Bush over the years: three of them were refloated but two were wrecked with the loss of lives. On 3 March 1856, the 180-ton Banff-registered brig Strive was lost and seven of her crew were drowned, then the Gardenstown schooner Lord Adolphus was wrecked on 7 January and one man died. Many diving boats pass over The Bush on their journey from Seahouses to the Outer Farnes without ever being aware of its presence, so every year the jagged rocks account for a number of damaged propellers and outboard legs. At co-ordinate 55 37′.033 N 001 39′.586 W, just a short distance from the northwest corner of Farne Island, lies the remnant of an unknown wreck; the site was surveyed in 2002, but little remains of it. This is the northwestern corner of Farne Island, near to what is known as Churn Gut. The submerged, rather smooth, steep rock wall ends on the sand and stone seabed at about 7 metres and gradually slopes away to the north and west into slightly deeper water at around 12 to 14 metres. The area away from the wall has lots of medium-sized boulders with soft corals growing on them and clumps of kelp on the tops. There are fairly strong tidal streams in the Inner Sound running north-south with quite a lot of marine life about in the form of urchins, starfish and soft corals, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, even the odd crustacean can be found hiding under the boulders.

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