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Some of the dust-devils spun in pairs. I China map municipalities was craning around and changing sides of the bus to get a better look at them, China map municipalities and finally ascertained that in each pair the devils were spinning opposite ways. A Han fellow-passenger told me that they spin different ways because they are male and female. Kwei (devil spirits) are believed to inhabit the desert, visible only in their dusty capes. The bus passengers began waking up from their afternoon naps, and to amuse my neighbour I showed her my postcards of England and photographs of my family. This is one of my ways of breaking the conversational ice where language is difficult.

By late afternoon we finished going over video and found one possible audio anomaly. It occurred when Kat was in the children’s room with Brad and Ryan. Just as they were leaving, the audio on her camera seemed to pick up the soft words, “Come back.” It was faint, but clarity was improved with a little audio adjustment. Some believe this is an actual EVP while others think it may be just an anomalous sound. It is on our Web site to review.

Evening approached and we were tired. With a full schedule for the next few days, further review would have to wait until the following week.

Later in the week Tim emailed a couple of suspect audio clips that were recorded upstairs while he was running and EVP session. It’s believed the soft feminine voice said, “Here’s captain.” Upon review we all agreed it was likely voices from other team members. The voice on the second clip could not be understood. Tim suggested it might be Native American.

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