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Robert Patterson, a seafaring man, who was the person Sapporo Map that had his trowsers shot through in Richardson’s affair, wounded; a ball went through Sapporo Map his right arm, and he suffered great loss of blood. Mr. Patrick Carr, about 30 years of age, who work’d with Mr. Field, Leather-Breeches maker in Queen-street, wounded; a ball enter’d near his hip, and went out at his side. A lad named David Parker, an apprentice to Mr. Eddy the Wheelwright, wounded; a ball enter’d in his thigh.

Another name was Bob Horton, followed by “Assault & Battery.”

Robert “Red” Ridder wrote, “Born to lose and I did.”

Graffiti tells the story of the prisoners’ lives.

Lorena and I became caught up in deciphering names and words scratched into the walls. Someone was in love with girl named Penny and hoped she loved him back. Another wrote, “100 and a half years in Jackson.”

Each of the scrawled words and names marked layers of time and exposed the thoughts, prayers, anger and fear of real people locked behind these bars. Some of the words and names were too faded with time to be read. There was no way to know how many years the graffiti went back.

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