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The reclamation did not succeed, but some good has emerged Kolkata Map in that the soggy marshlands are now designated as a local bird sanctuary and nature reserve. Now Kolkata Map you embark on the Chidham peninsula, the second of the two peninsulas the rounding of which makes up the bulk of your waterside walk. Continue along what is an obvious coast path and proceed down the peninsula towards Cobnor Point, enjoying good views back across to Thorney Island.

Although the path is initially excellent, it soon deteriorates markedly (although it may have been improved by the time you walk it) and you may be forced down to the beach, where irregular slabs of concrete provide a kind of surface, although even these are not always easy to walk on. The shores off the west side of the Chidham peninsula contain some of the most primitive signs of human habitation that have been discovered round the harbour, with recent excavations suggesting that man has been here since approximately 2000 bc. Along the western shore of the Chidham peninsula flint scrapers were discovered, suggesting spear shafts or fish traps were made here.

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