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Moreover, the walk has tremendous flexibility with many possibilities for Las Vegas Map Tourist Attractions shortening it or even bussing part of it to enable you to be at the pub of your Las Vegas Map Tourist Attractions choice at the time food is available. If you wanted to do justice to all the pubs described, you could consider breaking the walk into two days. On the first day you might make a leisurely start from Midhurst, enjoying a mid-morning tipple in Easebourne, lunching in Henley and then taking the bus back to Midhurst for an evening’s pubbing.

On day two you could catch the bus to Henley, walk to Lodsworth and then enjoy lunch at Lodsworth or Halfway Bridge, going forward to Midhurst on foot. Or you could start the walk at Lodsworth, stopping at Midhurst or Easebourne for elevenses, lunching at Henley and returning to Lodsworth for an evening meal. Of course, you may decide that Midhurst has so many good pubs you won’t want to leave the town at all! Midhurst is a delightful old town; its focal point is North Street with its Georgian buildings and the fine Angel Hotel which, although refaced in the nineteenth century, is considerably older than that.

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