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Crime and Scams :

The town is tiny and safe to walk at night, cabs are everywhere. Ironically, the biggest scams are the hotels themselves. If drinking at the pool bar, pay cash. Try to avoid charging anything to the room. They pad it like nobody’s business. Also, be prepared for the arguments at checkout. Everyone incurs bogus room bar charges, unmade phone calls, etc. When you check in, inform the staff you will not be charging anything to the room, or using the room bar. Put in writing on the receipt if you can.

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The beach is filled with touts(vendors) selling you overpriced crap. They are relentless. For fun, if you see something you like, offer 20%, a lot will take it. The jewelry guys have “special goods” for sale under the hidden level of their traveling suitcase if you want.

The Game Plan :

Big league pricing in Cabo, even though the supply and demand doesn’t support the concept. At 3am, most of the girls foolishly hold to their high prices and go home empty handed, rather than scoring with some mild negotiation. It’s either some code of honor, or more likely a lack of IQ, and muchas tequilas.

Most of the strip clubs have back rooms, expect $100 for BJ, $150-200 for full contact fun. Don’t stand around posing or contemplating whether you should go for a girl you really like. If you see a great one, make your move. Remember, Cabo’s marina is full of multimillion-dollar yachts owned by guys from California with getaway homes down here. What we’ve seen too many times is out of nowhere a guy walks in, signals the manager, and in 5 minutes leaves with 2 or 3 of the hottest ones. Take action quickly.

The smartest move is to negotiate in the early am hours for a hotel room experience. The girls will leave the club with you. In each club it can be hit or miss, you’ll find 10-20 girls in each, with Rating 4-6, but there are a few hot to trot lookers in each place. The girls are really dark and bronze, the Cuban look. At first you’ll think they’re sistas until you hear them speak. None of them speak any English.

The clubs pop up and go quickly, so the names here may change, but all are in the same central area, walking distance from each other. Main clubs are Twenty 20, Mermaids/Splash, Placers, Lord Black, El Toro, Bolero, and Amnesia. No real high pressure except for the lady drinks, which run a bit more at $6-8, which the girls make $2 off of each.

All the clubs have a cover charge, but there are street touts everywhere who will escort you to the club for a free entrance (a buck or two tip) You will never have to worry about finding the clubs, every fifty yards some guy will be offering you a walking escort to one. Normally these guys piss you off, but in this case they are valuable guides and you skip paying the cover charge. Ask him where the brothels are instead of strip clubs (El Toro for example), because you’ll never be able to find them without a guide.

The hottest looking girls currently in Cabo work above the club Mermaids at the club called Splash. We’re not sure why they consider them 2 clubs, it’s the same location, just 2 stories. Splash is the upstairs, Mermaids downstairs. Splash is an all nude strip club, private dances are $20 behind a hidden bed sheet. Nothing rated X. They have 2 for 1 dances every hour, they’re done out of view and are quite erotic. This place is a lot of fun and offers great eye candy, without the stupid prices or hassles. Negotiate for an after hours hotel room rate if you can.

There are only two bonafide brothels in plain view in Cabo. El Toro is located 100 yards from Cabo Wabo. Just ask any street dude to walk you there. The Nowhere Bar is the other. Don’t worry about the names, there are no signs on the doors, just ask someone. El Toro has two pools tables in the back, a rough crowd of girls, but enough sexy chicas to make it an interesting evening. Some hold out for $100, others have brains and will settle for $50. This is a fun little dive for drink, music, billiards, and hummers. After all, your girl is just one more fish story on one can verify.

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