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CONSOLATIO. Consolatio comes naturally to the person who does not want to abandon a friend or relative who has suffered misfortune. The events that can bring regret and sadness are many: sickness, death, floods, earthquakes, ruined fortunes, etc. The models for the consolatio that deals with each of these misfortunes are different according to the matter to be treated. The more tearful the situation, the more need for a suitable and spontaneous form of expression. The greatest of all misfortunes, leaving us stupefied, is death, the breach that generates trauma and confusion. For the Stoics, death is one of the cosmic changes, like the falling of leaves Sen. Ep. 104, 1, a natural process of the world Sen. Ep. 30, 11. We must not attach too much weight to death but must prepare for it Sen. Ep. 61, 2. Christ always underlies Christian consolatio, in a tension that determines other values of content and form.

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1773 In opposition to the tax on tea, a group Lubbock Map Tourist Attractions of Boston patriots gathers to prevent the importation of a shipload of dutied tea. At first, Lubbock Map Tourist Attractions they petition Hutchinson to send the ship back to England, but he refuses. The group picks up support from the entire spectrum of colonial society, and, crudely disguised as Mohawks, they begin to empty the tea into Boston Harbor. The Boston Tea Party results in the destruction of English tea worth more than 10,000 pounds. 1774 Infuriated by the Boston Tea Party, King George III and Parliament pass a number of Coercive Acts, which the more rebellious among the colonists label the Intolerable Acts. Among these is the Boston Port Bill, which closes the port of Boston until such time as the Tea Party participants can be brought to justice, the East India Company repaid for its loss, and the Crown assured of the colony’s obedience in the future. Other Massachusetts ports and Country cities aid Boston through the crisis, and Boston’s plight becomes lightning rod for protests around the Country colonies.

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