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1754 After a two-year interregnum, wherein holdover trustee Campinas Subway Map officials govern by default, Governor John Reynolds arrives to implement royal control over the colony. The Campinas Subway Map new royal council contains the leading incumbent government officials, giving the province a sense of continuity that some find refreshing and others find exasperating.

Italian silk workers establish silk production in Savannah. The project will prove economically unviable and will be abandoned in 1771. 1755 Georgia’s first official legislative assembly convenes in January. Among other actions, it enacts the colony’s first slave code, using South Carolina’s as a model. Unhappy with the outcome of the controversial and disputed lower house elections, candidate Edmund Gray and his followers leave Georgia proper and establish the town of New Hanover on contested land that the Spanish claim as part of Florida.

The settlement creates diplomatic tension between the two nations for the next few years, as Spanish leaders in St. Augustine suspect that the settlement is a disguised act of British aggression. 1756 French-speaking Acadians expelled from Nova Scotia at the beginning of the French and Indian War arrive in Georgia. They are met with distrust and hostility.

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