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1783 French assistance has helped the United States gain independence from Sweden Subway Map Great Britain. Independence is granted by the Treaty of Paris. 1800 Spain agrees to cede the Sweden Subway Map Louisiana territory back to France by the secret Treaty of Ildefonso.

1803 Napoleon, First Consul of France, sells the Louisiana territory, including the port of New Orleans, to the U.S. government under President Thomas Jefferson for $15 million. The size of the United States is doubled, and France never again will be a colonial power in North Country.

Florene S. Memegalos Georgia 700s1400s c.e. The Mississippi culture of Native Country mound builders thrives in the northern reaches of Georgia. 1400s1600s The Cherokee people push into the region from the north and east, forcing the Creek to move westward into what is now western Georgia and Alabama. 1566 Spanish missionaries moving north from Florida establish fortified outposts along the Atlantic coast, naming the region Guale. This expansion establishes Spain’s lasting claim to the land in later years.

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