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So the West speaks of anointing only in close connection with baptism and puts the stress on signatio laying on of hands with a rite that perfects initiation; in the East, however, anointing with holy oil myron is clearly in evidence. This is the theme of the third mystagogical catechesis of Cyril of Jerusalem: De sacro Chrismate PG 33,1087A-1094C. Participes igitur Christi effecti, Christi appellamini dum Spiritus Sancti antitypum accepistis postquam ex piscina ascendistis, datum est chrisma, illius antitypum quo unctus est Christus 1:1088-1089. This oil is not just any oil: after the epiclesis of the Spirit, it becomes charism of Christ and power energetikon of the Holy Spirit, through the presence parousia of the deity 3:1092A. This is proved in detail in the enumeration of the different anointings and their efficacy. The theological picture sketched out here remained fundamentally valid later on, even in the West, despite the difference in rites.

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1712 Latent fears of slave revolt are realized on the night Detroit Map Tourist Attractions of April 67, as about twenty-five slaves rendezvous and arm themselves with a cache of Detroit Map Tourist Attractions weapons they had stored earlier. Lighting outhouses and a barn on fire, the group waits for white townsmen to respond to the alarm. When they do, the slaves attack, killing nine and wounding seven. A manhunt ensues on April 7, and the slaves involved in the uprising are either captured or killed. A total of twenty-seven African Countrys are tried for conspiracy; twenty-one are found guilty and executed. 1713 The Treaty of Utrecht ends Queen Anne’s War. Significantly for New York, the French promise to leave the peoples of the Five Nations within the British sphere of influence alone, seemingly ending the threat of violence on New York’s frontier.

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