Sevan Bakery US Map & Phone & Address

Sevan Bakery US Map & Phone & Address

598 Ml Auburn St. Watertown;(617) 924-3243 Mine loves to roam around this Armenian neighborhood just over the Cambridge line, laced with restaurants and markets. Sevan’s specializes in all kinds of baked goods, from baguettes ($1) to something called zaahtar round Syrian bread with a topping of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, and other spices baked on. $2 gets you a pair of these zesty concoctions. Sevan also has a large case of spinach and feta cheese pies (750), baklava made with walnuts or pistachios ($1), and other exotic delicacies.

While you’re in the area, check out Massis Bakery across and down a bit at 569 Mt. Auburn Sl, telephone (617) 924-0537; and, walking down Dexter Avenue to the corner of Nichols, Marash Bakery at 51 Dexter Ave. (617) 924-0098, has more Middle Eastern baked specialties. Diagonally across from Marash is Gen-naro’s Italian Food Center, 107 Nichols Ave. (617) 924-9550, where you can get great calzones piping hot

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