Mont Tremblant – After the Snow Melts

Mont Tremblant is a go-to destination for skiers across the globe, yet locals have no idea why the area does not gain more acclaim for the number of things to do once the snow melts. Moreover, like the winter season, the spring and summer offers activities for people of all ages, so whether you’re planning a solo, couple, or family trip to Mont Blanc, there is no shortage of things to do under the sunshine. Scandinavian Baths Adjacent to the shores of the Diable are nestled the Scandinavian Baths, hot, peaceful pools made out of the natural environment. Treat yourself to cleansing hot baths and refreshing rinses among wooden pavilions, solariums, terraces, and outdoor fireplaces perfect for couples or large groups. Closed until mid-December, the Scandinavian getaway is the perfect place to go after a long hike or day filled with other activities. Rafting Rouge River is mentioned among North America’s top destinations for rafting. If whitewater rafting does not tickle your interest, inquire about reserving a number of kayaks for you and family to enjoy at a slower, gentler pace. Ziplining Travelers discover Mont Tremblant from skis, hiking boots, and bobsleds, but ziplines and aerial games await those adventurous enough to view the landscape from twenty to sixty feet in the air among the treetops. Perfect for the entire family and entirely safe for children, ziplining takes place at the Tremblant resort. To add another wrinkle of adventure, go at night to zip through the trees with the aid of a headlamp. Treehouses Small and big kids alike fantasize about camping and living in their very own treehouse, and vendors at Mont Tremblant make the dream come alive with a supply of ready-for-camping tree castles. Set beside a tranquil lake, the protected park can be found near Mont Tremblant luxury rentals. So, if you’re looking to do something different for the night, consider resting your head closer to the clouds.

Horseback Riding The Tremblant ranch transforms visitors into rural cowboys, replete with beginner to advanced trails. Equally safe for children and newcomers, the ranch offers opportunity to get away from normal mountain sports and ability to get into the saddle of a gentle horse. Apprentice Falconer Kids and all animal lovers adore being in the presence of a trained falcon and professional who can teach onlookers about the flying wonders as they put on exhibitions. Take advantage of a one-of-a-kind experience that is more affordable as you increase the number of people in your party. Price is about $50 per person and drops as the number of friends and family members attending rises. Gondola If you’re searching for incredible sights and opportunity to take uncomparable camera shots of the area, then you must take a ride in the panoramic gondola. Take a joyride to the highest peaks in the area. However, you must reserve your ride at least two days in advance. Also, consider getting a pass if you’ll be in the area for some time and would like to take numerous tours soaring through the mountain tops. Margaret Bowers is a travel consultant. She likes to write about her experiences on the web. You can read her articles mainly on travel and vacation websites.

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