Shijiazhuang Subway Map

The northern arm of the Silk Road goes to Beijing. Shijiazhuang Subway Map Marco Polo was headed that way. So was I, though I planned to stop over Shijiazhuang Subway Map in a part of the Gobi between Inner Mongolia and the Yellow River. While eating supper that evening, I watched the Chinese bolting their food, mouths low over their plates and concentrating only on feeding themselves as quickly as possible. This is normal; people don’t usually talk at table, they eat as if there’s no tomorrow. Perhaps they’ll never forget the hungry times or maybe they fear that hunger lies ahead.

Kat put the EMF meter on the floor as we began asking questions. Approximately 30 minutes into our session we began noticing slight EMF fluctuations. At first, neither Kat nor I paid much attention until we realized these minor changes correlated directly to questions about children.

Kat asked if the spirit was that of an adult male or female. EMF remained flat. When asked if it was a little girl, EMF remained flat. EMF began to move when Kat’s questions centered around a little boy.

“Were you a little boy between the ages of six and eight?” The EMF ticked upward. We looked at each other with growing anticipation. Was it a response?

“Were you younger than six? Were you five?”

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