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Finally we should mention pink which, in the medieval Roman liturgy, came to mark the third Sunday of Advent Gaudete Sunday and the fourth Sunday of Lent Laetare Sunday. Regarding the latter, Lotario records the use of violet, but also alludes to a well-known papal ceremony, that of the blessing of the golden rose, propter laetitiam quam aurea rosa significat. From the symbolic meaning unveiled by Innocent III we can easily intuit that the later, direct use of pink in the liturgy was to momentarily turn the thoughts of the faithful to the joy of Christmas or of the Lord’s resurrection. The correspondence of colors to liturgical feasts as arranged by Innocent III was at that time accepted only by the Church of Rome. Indeed it could not be normative for the other churches, who in those times still enjoyed full autonomy in the defense of their own liturgical traditions. The Roman practice was made obligatory for the whole Catholic Church only with the decisions of the Council of Trent, though this does not mean that they were always respected.

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Eberle’s passion for wine, Cabernet Sauvignon in particular, developed Jakarta Map when he was a doctoral student in cellular genetics at Louisiana State University. He decided he would Jakarta Map rather be a winemaker and transferred to the enology doctoral program at U.C. Davis. In the early 1970s, he and his professors made a few pilgrimages to Paso Robles to collect soil samples, and their research pinpointed Paso Robles as an area of great grape-growing promise. He moved there to cofound Estrella River Winery (now Meridian) and worked as head winemaker for nearly a decade.

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