Places To Vacation In South America

I wonder if we’ll ever actually see and finally – this is what I thought Yellow Stone should look like as a first glimpse. Steam rising from almost every imaginable nook and cranny.

I’ll say this for 53° (11°C) weather – it certainly lights up all the hot springs and potential portals to North America’s largest volcano (unless I misunderstand it, this is the powerhouse to all the other regional volcanic activity).

Places To Vacation In South America Photo Gallery

Although just moments later, the joke is on us. Another traffic jam This time to get into a parking lot.

At least it’s a place where we’re supposed to stop, though. Plus, while we’re paused in the rolling parking lot to get into the parking lot, you can see some of the sights through the window – which turns out to be not so bad, because it’s not raining inside the car (much).

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