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Ko-dengyi asked me to stand up beside her to Handan Metro Map measure my height. I was head and shoulders taller. Then, taking me by the Handan Metro Map hand, she led me into another room to some family photographs. I felt so sorry about the way she hobbled along on those pathetically bound feet. You can never unbind the feet, which would become too painful without the supporting bandages. Apart from admiring the photographs I also noticed a couple of things which had probably come from the ruins of Suchow, found generations ago and still passed down among the locals.

Though Amanda was twenty years younger than Daniel, a romantic relationship began, and on April 8, 1886, the two were married in Baraboo, Wisconsin. All went well for the next fourteen years. Daniel made a good living in the cattle business and the couple seemed content.

Daniel’s strange dreams began in early November 1900. As a friend reported, Daniel told him of recurring nightmares in which he fell from a cliff and drowned in the Wisconsin River. On November 14, 1900, nearly seven years to the day of the Crouch murders, Daniel Holcomb went missing.

He was on a business trip to purchase cattle. The man he was to meet was delayed. Daniel decided to go fishing until the man returned. As fate would have it, the Wisconsin River ran through the farmer’s property. Daniel went off with fishing gear and never returned.

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