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Bringing up your wife- tobe’s size is a no-no, but she is probably already focused on slimming down for that slinky destination dress: 70 percent of women said they wanted to lose weight before their wedding, according to a Cornell University study. If you don’t love your love handles either, then trade your six-pack for a six pack and get moving. Here’s how to tackle prewedding poundage as a couple without driving each other nuts. 1 Don’t cram Losing weight shouldn’t be a stressor on top of planning, says Thea Lund, a registered dietitian and clinical team lead for Cigna’s Your Health First program.

Start at least six months before your wedding day. Her formula: Shave 500 calories a day off your diet or burn them through exercise to lose one pound per week. 2 Get sweaty together If you’re at diff ering fi tness levels, at least hit the gym at the same time. And while the temptation might be to spot train your least-favorite areas, the notion that you can lose weight in a specifi c area is a myth, says personal trainer and fi tness author Sue Fleming. Instead, combine cardio with total-body strength training. Bonus: Exercise can also work wonders elsewhere (ahem), as several studies have linked it with increased libido.

3 Team up in the kitchen Grocery shop and cook together, suggests Katie Boyd, personal trainer and owner of the Miss Fit Club, managing what you eat while enjoying more time together. Try these swaps for an instant nutritional overhaul: brown rice for white rice; spaghetti squash for pasta; whole-wheat English muffi ns for bagels; peanut butter for cream cheese; and plain Greek yogurt for sour cream or mayo.

In the midst of engagement parties and rehearsal dinners at restaurants, Lund says, Look for words like grilled, steamed, baked or roasted, while avoiding fried, crispy or creamy. 4 Be ready anywhere There will be days when appointments and follow-ups mean a 5K run won’t happen. Instead, Find one hour to fi t some type of movement into your day, Fleming says.

For bonus points, plan a double-duty date night and take your lady salsa dancing to work on your dance-fl oor moves just watch those margaritas. 5 Make a game plan With prewedding tastings, dinners and parties fi lling the calendar, Lund’s guidelines for dodging sabotage include moderation, watching alcohol intake, and planning balanced meals in advance of special outings. Remember to check in with each other and to actually have fun along the way. When you’re enjoying the process together, says Boyd, you’ll see major progress and awesome results.

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