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James Moore’s expedition destroyed any hope of the Tuscarora remaining in North Carolina. Anaheim Metro Map At Catechna, Moore’s forces crushed the Tuscarora, killing around 600 and taking almost 400 into slavery. This ended any effective Tuscarora resistance at the same time as it opened up large areas of central North Carolina for European settlement.

In fact, by the end of the colonial period, North Carolina had witnessed remarkable growth. Though a handful of Tuscarora accepted English domination and remained in North Carolina on reservations, the majority slowly made their way north. In 1722, the first Tuscarora arrived in the north and became the Sixth Nation of the Iroquois, joining their distant linguistic cousins.

By 1800, there were hardly any Tuscaroras still living in North Carolina. The Tuscarora War, however, should not be seen as simply a race war or a contest between Euro-Countrys and Native Countrys for territory. Native Countrys fought on both sides of the conflict for a variety of reasons. Also, the Tuscarora, though defeated, managed to maintain a distinctly Tuscarora identity.

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