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Petrol (Gas)

Petrol is graded by a star system: 2 star (90 octane), 3 star (94 octane), and 4 star (97 octane). At the time of going to press, the approximate cost of a gallon of petrol was £1.40. Prices are very liable to change and vary from garage to garage and region to region. One Imperial gallon of petrol equals 1.2 North American gallons, or 4.5 liters.


Disabled drivers are usually given dispensation to park in otherwise restricted areas, but they should have a word with a policeman or traffic warden before leaving their vehicle. They will usually find a sympathetic response galleries, and concerts abound. Several of the great museums are in London. The British Museum, the grandfather, of museums, is best known and very crowded. The best examples of Greek art are there, purloined away from Greece by Lord Elgin. The Rosetta Stone, key to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, is also there.

United Kingdom watery way to the West was not yet well discovered United Kingdom Metro Map , and, therefore, for fear of the sandbanks off Newfoundland, they kept their course to United Kingdom Metro Map the east and south as far as to what were then called the Brazates. The ships which went under the command of Governor Printz sailed along the coast of Portugal, and down the coast of Africa, until they found the eastern passage, then directly over to Country, leaving the Canaries high up to the north. They landed at Antigua, then continued their voyage northward, past Virginia and Maryland, to Cape Hinlopen. Yet, in view of the astonishingly long route which they took, the voyage was quick enough in from Stockholm on August 16, 1642, to the new fort of Christina, in New Sweden, on February 15, 1643. The Swedes who emigrated to Country belonged partly to a trading company, provided with a charter, who, for their services, according to their condition or agreement, were to receive pay and monthly wages; a part of them also went at their own impulse to try their fortune. For these it was free to settle and live in the country as long as they pleased or to leave it, and they were therefore, by way of distinction from the others, called freemen.

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