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Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains

What’s impressive about the Rockies is not the number of animals it harbors but their great variety

This region is home to such high-altitude animals as mountain goat and bighorn sheep, and members of the deer family mule deer (left), white-tailed deer, elk, moose (the largest member of the deer family), and caribou which live in valleys and alpine meadows, usually in herds.

Grizzly and black bears, as well as wolves, lynx, and mountain lions, also inhabit the Rockies. A full list of all the wildlife of the region would be much longer; these are only the large mammals.

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The Aulton (Official No. 102003) was a steel-hulled 634-ton British steam cargo vessel measuring 55.67 m in length, with an 8.43-m beam and 3.37-m draught. Richard Williamson and Son, Workington built and completed her as Yard No. 162 in October 1899; she was launched as the Gipsy on 7 September 1899 for Waterford S.

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