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64 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown; (617) 924-9660


At this longtime Greek favorite just outside of Watertown Square, full meals come in well under $10. Our Specialty, Shish Kebab, the menu says proudly; and for $7.60 you can get two gigantic skewers of beef, chicken, baked lamb, or a combination flame-grilled and served on a heaping bed of rice with tomato sauce. The price includes an equally large plate of Greek salad and pita bread. If your stomach is smaller and you don’t want a doggie bag, get the open sandwich version one large kebab, salad, rice, and bread for just $4.05. It’s still a filling meal, and amazingly cheap.

Another favorite of Mine is the beef stew, a tasty bowl with large, tender chunks of meat in a tomato stock, served with rice or French fries and a salad for $3.65. The Greek sausage plate ($4.75) or the veal cutlet ($4.05) are also wonderful. There is also a full bar, house drafts for $1.25, and Greek wines.

Demo’s is a good deal, and it shows. The atmosphere is bustling and friendly, with lots of families.

The system is a hybrid: Stand in line to place your order and pay, find a table, and the counter staff brings the food over. (How do they always manage to find you? Amazing.) You may have to share part of a long table at peak times. Sure, it’s no frills here, but at these prices, who’s complaining? Open Mondays through Saturdays 11 a.m. to 9:30 rm. Sundays from noon.

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