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From this perspective not even Gregory of Nazianzus contributed to the growth of this literary genre, since eulogy ran away with him; the same must be said of Gregory of Nyssa. The former, for Basil the Great, and the latter, for Macrina, take on other theological-spiritual contents that create other forms which depart from consolatio. Ambrose recommends that the sisters of the dead emperor Valentinian never forget him but always keep him in their hearts and minds. In De excessu fratris sui, Ambrose says that he will never be able to forget Satyrus, having always borne the yoke of this life together. Jerome too, writing his consolatory letter to Paula on the death of her daughter Blesilla, remains completely concentrated on Blesilla, because he will never again see a child like her. But here scholastic consolatory elements take over, which do not concern us since they are not strictly pertinent to Christian consolatio as a specific literary genre in its own right, with its own proper characteristics. Apart from some partial studies and the repetitive articles of dictionaries and encyclopedias, in the last decades up-to-date and thorough research has been lacking, both for consolatio and for the other literary genres found in the Fathers. A still useful work is Ch. Favez’s La consolation latine chr©tienne, Paris 1937, and a step forward was recently marked by G. Cannone’s Elementi consolatori ed escatologici in alcune lettere di s. Agostino: RecTh 48 1981 59-77.

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1640 The Bay Psalm Book is published for the first time Budapest Metro Map . Religious music in Country has lagged far behind that produced in Europe in terms of sophistication. Budapest Metro Map Poor singing is a matter of some concern to colonial Massachusetts congregations. One town, Wilbraham, goes so far as to set up a committee to look into the broken state of this town with regard to singing. 1641 Nathaniel Ward releases The Body of Liberties, a bill of rights that evolves into the first legal code for English people in Massachusetts. 1643 Massachusetts bands together with Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven to form the United Colonies of New England. Heretical Rhode Island is not invited to join the union, which forms after the Pequot War for purposes of defense.

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