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Somewhat surprisingly he was charged with stealing in this country in Damman Subway Map 1796 – had he escaped or successfully appealed? – and the jury took so long to reach Damman Subway Map their verdict that the judge shut them up without heat or light until they did so. You now leave Jevington following the South Downs Way again, but this time you are on the bridleway alternative linking Eastbourne and Alfriston.

Just after passing the Hungry Monk, turn left off the village street along the road leading to the church. Immediately before the church, turn left to follow the path, rising steadily under the shade of horse-chestnut, elm and ash. In just over a quarter of a mile from Jevington the path levels out at a junction of bridleways; go straight over the first crossroads and then bear left at the ensuing T-junction, noting one of the old-fashioned South Downs Way plinths at this point. You follow a broad track, still in the trees and rising steadily, then emerge from the trees and immediately you will see a path leading off to the right.

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